All Good Things Must Come To An End

After many adventures and wonderful times aboard Wai Whare, we have now bought a larger, offshore boat. Therefore, Wai Whare is free to guide someone new over the waves.

UPDATE: Wai Whare has been sold. We hope that the new owners have wonderful adventures with the boat, just as we had.

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  1. Jon Dron Says:

    Hi Steven and Darusha
    I love this blog and it has been a great help to me as the new owner, as of this summer, of Wai Whare (great name). She’s a little more battered and worn than she was, but very much the same (right down to the very battered old engine). She’s still sailing like a dream and living in the sheltered waters of False Creek, making odd forays (so far) mainly into English Bay and across to Bowen Island.
    One thing she has lost over the years is any kind of documentation – I can’t find anything at all about her or her kind anywhere on the wonderful World Wide Web, have no idea about her history apart from what I’ve learned from this blog, and Manuel is now mostly reduced to an outboard pamphlet and some autopilot instructions. If you happen to know any more about her I’d love to know more! Sadly Ontario Yachts seems to have gone the way of all flesh, the former owner didn’t get further documentation when he’d inherited her from his father, and I’ve found no one else who knows anything about these wonderful boats.
    I hope your voyages continue to be wonderful!

  2. Darusha Says:

    Hi, Jon.

    It’s great to hear that Wai Whare is still out there. All we know about the boat is what we were told when we bought it, which was that is was built for the Annapolis sailing school and used as a sail training boat for a while before being moved over the the West Coast.

    It’s a solid boat, of which we have very fond memories.

    I have to say, I’m amazed that outboard is still going. Good on you!

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