Tide Tool

Technology is becoming more popular on boats every day, even on smaller vessels like Wai Whare. We circumnavigated the island without a lot of the bells and whistles many people swear by (chartplotters, radar, etc.), but we weren’t tech-free. Of course, we had a sometimes functional VHF radio and Mr. GPS. But I forgot to mention the piece of tech that saved our bacon a bunch of times.

I have a second hand Palm Tungsten-C, a PDA. On it, I have the free program Tide Tool, which calculates tidal and current data. Even though we planned our trip in advance, and plotted out the tides and current information we thought we’d need, things often changed. Especially since we got ahead of ourselves the first week.

We were able to use Tide Tool to gauge tides and current, which once on the west side of the island, was absolutely necessary. The PDA didn’t use a lot of power, and we just recharged it every time we got shore power (or occasionally in the washrooms or laundry facilities). It was a great addition, which I highly recommend.

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