The Crew

We were aboard Wai Whare for a total of 25 days on the trip, and I suppose we did get a little crazy over the course of time. As such, we magically acquired additional crew members who became invaluable. They were:

Nancy Long ago Steven took to calling the alarm clock Nancy – it is an attempt to make getting up in the morning seem less… alarming.

Monsieur Le GPS is an invaluable crew member, entirely responsible for keeping us afloat in the fog. He tires easily, though, so keeping his batteries full was a close to full time job. Thankfully the solar powered battery recharger and the multimeter were up to the task. Multimetering became our favourite off-shift activity, and I’m sure M. Le GPS was happier for it.

Tilly (the Autotiller) won crew member of the day several days running once we figured out how to set her up to steer a compass course.

Manuel was the one who helped us get Tilly up to speed. Our name for any manual or set of instructions, we often were slow to call Manuel into action, but he always came through and we never doubted his wisdom.

Morales (mostly known as Morale) has a mercurial temprement, but it pays to keep an eye on how he’s feeling. When Morale was low, we found that our abilities were strongly hampered and it was wise to work on Morale before trying anything tough. Oddly, Tilly and Manuel had some of the greastest positive effects on Morale.

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    […] We also kept a few of the crew members (Nancy, Manuel and Morales) from Wai Whare, our previous boat. Somehow, it still doesn’t feel crowded on board. […]

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