Zeballos is a proper town. It has several stores, hotels, restaurants, post office, police, and even a museum.

Zeballos is at the end of a long fyord, about 10km from the main channel in Esperanza Inlet. It is a bit out of the way, but we preferred to travel further to take in some “urban” comforts.

The public dock at Zeballos has two fingers, with room for a couple dozen 25 foot boats. The dock is in good condition, and there are washrooms across the parking lot from the docks. The dock is exposed to the south but conditions were calm while we where there. Presumably these conditions prevail.

  • Docks: yes
    • Washrooms:yes
    • Showers: yes
    • Laundry: yes
    • Restaurant: yes
    • Gas: yes
  • Mooring Cans: no
  • Cell service: none

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