Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006

Depart: Friendly Cove, 9:00
Breakfast: Porridge
Weather: Overcast, thin fog, light wind

10:00 49° 31′ 56 N 126° 36′ 19 W, light S, light SW swell, motoring
11:00 49° 26′ 56 N 126° 36′ 43 W, light S, 2′ west swell, motoring
12:00 49° 23′ 18 N 126° 36′ 02 W, – , 1 m W swell, motoring
13:00 49° 21′ 39 N 126° 30′ 30 W, 5 kt W, 1-2 m W swell, motoring
14:00 49° 21′ 16 N 126° 24′ 47 W, 5 kt W, 2′ W swell, motoring

Motored out of Friendly Cove in light fong and active mist. Winds were light as we weaved through the fish boats in Nootka Sound. We passed Estevan Point and tried to sail with the wind behind us. We made 2-2.5 kt, but decided that speed was the better option and returned to motoring. As we approached the entrance to Hot Springs Cove, we saw the sailboat we’d been following all day – the first sailboat we had seen on the West coast.

We entered Hot Springs Cove and docked next to the sailboat. After a stay at the nearby hot springs with Richard, the other sailboat’s singlehanded skipper, we returned to Wai Whare.

We went over to Richard’s boat for a potluck supper with Nick and Jenna from a junk rigged boat anchored out in the cove. All of our dinner companions were also sailing around the island. We discovered that Wai Whare was the smallest of all these relatively small vessles – Richard’s boat is 27′ and the three masted junk is 26′ overall and 28′ long on deck.

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