Tuesday, Aug 22, 2006

Depart: Zeballos, 10:45
Breakfast: omelette/bacon & eggs at Zeballos Hotel
Weather: overcast, light wind

11:45 Zeballos/Hecate/Esperanza intersection, 5 kt S, rippled, motoring
12:45 Tahsis Narrows, light, glassy, motoring
13:45 abeam Blowhole Bay, 10+ S, light chop, motoring
14:45 past Tsowwin Narrows, 10 S, light chop, motoring
15:45 north of Strange Island light, 15 S, light chop, motoring
16:45 Spanish Pilots light, 15+SW, light chop, motoring

Day 18, can’t decide what day it is.

Enjoyed a leisurely mornign in Zeballos, eating out and showering for free. Departed Zeballos under sunny skies, unaware of what lay ahead. We motored through the various fjords in glassy calm conditions. Once in Tahsis Inlet we encountered 10 kt on the nose, which we wisely chose to motor through.

Many hours later we entered Nootka Sound, where we had 20 kt winds on the nose with the unreasonably short and steep 1-2′ waves that indicate current opposing wind. One and a half hours of bouncing in thise waves brought us to Friendly Cove (Yuquot) which must have been named for the warmth of the people as it is a lousy anchorage.

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