Tofino is a town catering to tourists. By west-coast-Vancouver-island standards it is a city. It has all services.

We tried and failed to eat out in Tofino. In the summer there are more tourists than seats in restaurants, so you’ll need reservations and expect to pay C$30-40. If you’re sailing down the coast and you’re on a budget I’d recommend eating onboard in Tofino and treating yourself in Ucluelet.

Tofino has a solid kilometer of docks. We stayed at the public small craft harbour. The wharfinger there was very helpful. When we docked there was at least a knot of current pushing us off the dock, which made for several false starts. We also had some trouble with excess wake.

The approach to Tofino from the north is a cut through a submerged sand bar marked by three sets of port/starboard buoys. The cut is much smaller and shallower than it looks; keel boats should keep to the centre of the lane and let the shallower-draft, tourist-filled zodiacs either wait their turn or go around. Luckily, the coast guard station is only a 100m away and they’ll happily pull you off if you run aground on a falling tide.

  • Docks: yes
    • Washrooms:yes
    • Showers: yes, in town
    • Laundry: yes, in town
    • Restaurant: yes
    • Gas: yes
  • Mooring Cans: no
  • Cell service: yes

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