Sunday, Aug 20, 2006

Depart: Klatskino anchorage, 6:55 am
Breakfast: Porridge
Weather: cold, clear, wind light

8:00 rounded rugged island, wind light N, low swell
9:05 50° 13′ 31 N 127° 58′ 08 W
10:00 50° 09′ 06 127° 58′ 47 W, 15-20 kt N, 1+m swell, sunny
11:45 off Clerke Point, 15 kt N, low west swell, sunny
13:00 50° 02′ N 127° 42′ W light south winds, low west swell, sunny
14:00 50° 01′ 16 N 127° 37′ 05 W light south winds, low west swell, sunny, whales
15:00 50° N 127° 31′ W, glassy, low swell

Expecting a difficult day, we departed Klaskino shortly after dawn. We motored out past Rugged Island, then brought up a reefed main and jib. We sailed broad reach in 15-20 kt doing 5-6 kt surfing the swell. Near Solander Island we furled the jib for a dead run. The wind picked up off Solander to near 30 kt. We brought out some jib to balance the helm, then furled to reduce power. We sailed past puffins making great time with just the reefed main. Despite the forecast of gales 30-40, the wind lulled and we had a full genoa out by noon just to keep moving.

Once clear of the Brooks Peninsula the wind switched to light SE, while we wanted to go SE and faster than 1-2 kt, so we had to motor. We motored across Cheleset Bay, where we saw several large whales with dark skin and white flippers.

Our approach to Kyuquot was arduous. We chose to come up Brown’s Passage and spent a long time searching for a buoy marked on the charts but never seen on the water. We eventually found the passage, then motored almost an hour before finding the entrance to Walter’s Cove. This involved a slalom past 3 pairs of buoys in shallow water with narrow channels. Walter’s Cove itself is not deep, but it does provide good shelter.

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