Saturday, Aug 26, 2006

Depart: Ucluelet, 10:20 am
Breakfast: New Orleans skillet/grilled vegetable omelette @ Starfish Cafe
Weather: Sunny & warm

We passed several sea lions as we motored out of Ucluelet. We saw one bickering with some seagulls, one minding its own business and two sunning themselves on an abandoned dock.

We motored to Chrow Island, where we brought up both sails beam reach toward Forbes Island in 10 kt and light chop. We had a lot of difficulty identifying Page Island as we had expected it to be much smaller. Once it was identified, we turned toward Peackock Channel and the Broken Group. We sailed for half and hour at about 5 kt but the winds in Peacock Channnel were light and variable.

After attempting several points of sail, we furled and motored to Swale Rock. There we brought up the sails again and made 4 kt close reach across Imperial Eagle Channel after dodging a clot of sports fishermen. We bore away into Satellite Channel, but the wind eased in the lee of the Deer Group islands then died entirely in Trevor Channel. We motored into Bamfield Inlet under sunny skies.

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