Sailing Directions

The Canadian department of Fisheries and Oceans, publishes a series of volumes called Sailing Directions. The volumes are divided by region, we used the BC (southern portion) volume.

This book was invaluable. In its 400 pages it discusses, in various levels of detail, every rock, nook, and cranny on Vancouver island or the adjacent mainland. We consulted it several times every day. Your cruising guide will discuss attractions, your charts show you where everything is, but this book will describe what places are like. Details like “this anchorage has swell in even the calmest conditions” or “holding is reported to be poor” or “should not be attempted except by those with local knowledge in calm seas at slack water” are just not on the charts. Not to mention the details of which towns have gas docks, groceries, or restaurants.

There are, of course, many things that have changed since the paper was printed. New volumes are issued regularly, but we found inaccurate information several times; for instance, Port Renfrew no longer has a public dock.

Buy this book, you won’t regret it.

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    […] Klaskino anchorage ( 50°18′N, 127°49′W ) is a little off the beaten path. Sailing Directions recommended it as well sheltered, and we were eager to find a well sheltered spot as a gale was forecast. We were not disappointed. […]

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    […] Sailing Directions recommends “leaving Port San Juan for Neah Bay immediately if strong south west winds are encountered”. There is no shelter from the south west and the even the north westerly winds that prevail in Juan de Fuca funnelled up the bay, seemingly stronger than they were outside. […]

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