Monday, Aug 21, 2006

Depart: Kyuquot, 9:30 am
Breakfast: Porridge
Weather: Sunny, warm, light wind

11:00 49° 56′ 54 N 127° 20′ 57 W, 15 kt W, 1-2 m swell, full/full, sunny
noon 49° 51′ 44 N 127° 13′ 54 W 20 kt NW, 2 m swell, full/full, sunny
13:00 49° 49′ 33 N 127° 09′ 39 W 10-20 NE, 2 m swell, motoring
14:00 Gilliam Channel buoys, 2 m swell
15:00 49° 51′ N 126° 57′ W 5-10, light chop, genoa
16:00 49° 52′ N 126° 51′ W 10 W, light chop, genoa
17:00 49° 56′ N 126° 40′ W 10 S, light chop, genoa

Motored out of the slalom course of Walter’s Cove and then down a comapss course past the reef. We brought up both sails full and broad reached doing 6 kt in 15-20 and 2 m swell. The wind died in the early afternoon and the swell was uncomfortable making little speed, so we began to motor to reduce wave action.

We had a little difficulty finding the buoys in Gilliam Channel (green is almost invisible in most conditions) and turned to take the waves on our beam as we motored in. An uncomfortable hour later we were in Esperanza Inlet and calm water.

We found a 10 kt wind from behind and ran with the genoa alone, balooned ahead of the forestay like a chute. We made hull speed (6 kt) for several pleasant afternoon hours running down the fjords, leisurely tending the genoa. The wind died at the corner by Little Zeballos River, and we motored to the docks at Zeballos.

Dinner: Fish & poutine at the Zeballos Hotel.

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