Kyuquot is a village that surrounds Walter’s Cove. Walter’s cove is hidden behind a small island just off Vancouver Island. There is an extensive group of barrier islands, then a sizeable channel. The entrance to Walter’s Cove involves a series of slalom S-curves around buoys and daymarks. The route is clearly marked by the buoys, but it is quite complicated. All told, we covered over 10km between approaching the barrier islands and docking.

Kyuquot has a number of docks. We stayed at the Government dock, which has two long floats alongside. The dock is in good condition. There is a store at the head of the dock, and a restaurant alongside which was closed when we visited. Walter’s Cove is very well sheltered, there was no wave and essentially no wind.

  • Docks: yes
    • Washrooms:no
    • Showers: no
    • Laundry: no
    • Restaurant: “seasonal”, closed on the August day we were there.
    • Gas: no
  • Mooring Cans: no
  • Cell service: none

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