Klaskino Anchorage

Klaskino anchorage ( 50°18′N, 127°49′W ) is a little off the beaten path. Sailing Directions recommended it as well sheltered, and we were eager to find a well sheltered spot as a gale was forecast. We were not disappointed.

The entrance is a bit difficult: there are buoys marking the channel a couple kilometers way, but the turn behind anchorage island is unmarked. Kelp marks the drying rocks that lie along both sides of the enterance. There is a delta on Vancouver island at the south side of the entrance. Much of this flat is always above water, but when the tide is in the depths along the flat are less than 2m in what otherwise appears to be the middle of the channel. The channel proper has 20m of depth at low water, but it lies close to the rocks along anchorage island.

The anchorage was delightful. The water was glassy and the winds light while 20+ knot winds blew just a couple kilometers away. The anchorage is lined with sandy beaches. Consult your charts as several belong to first nations and should be respected. There are four large mooring buoys, again with tires that leave marks on your hull.

  • Docks: no
  • Mooring Cans: yes
  • Cell service: none

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