Friendly Cove

Friendly Cove is at the village of Yuquot, on Nootka island. Yuquot is incredibly small, I believe that no services are available.

Friendly Cove is very small. There were only two other boats anchored there yet there was little space. Luckily the depths are under 10m, otherwise only a single boat would fit. There were three docks, the middle one has transient moorage, but isn’t marked in any way.

The winds blew from the south west, and while the light house sits south west of the cove the wind strength was almost as strong in the cove as it was outside. In short, Friendly Cove isn’t a good harbour.

Some photos.

  • Docks: yes
    • Washrooms: no
    • Showers: no
    • Laundry: no
    • Restaurant: no
    • Gas: no
  • Mooring Cans: one, reserved for the coast guard
  • Cell service: none

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