Beaumont Marine Park

From May 19-22, Wai Whare visited Beaumont Marine Park, part of the Gulf Islands national park, on South Pender Island for the Bluewater Cruising Association‘s spring rendezvous.

Beaumont Marine Park

The trip to Beaumont was uneventful. There was no wind for most of the trip, so we motored. We sailed on calm seas with 5-10kn from the south for the last halfhour into Bedwell harbour. On arrival we determined that all of the mooring buoys had already been claimed, so we anchored Wai Whare for the first time. We anchored at the back of the bay, perhaps 100m from shore, but were always worried about dragging the anchor and running aground.

Nearby Islet

The Bluewater Cruising Association is a club for people who want to sail offshore. We had a great time getting to know many of the club members. We visited many vessels and attended a series of events: happy hour, breakfast, and a pot luck. There were other events, but we were too tired. Over 100 people and 50 boats attended.

Boats at Anchor

Our return trip was through thick fog. Many other boats were also returning to Sidney from Bedwell harbour, so we regularly sighted other vessels through the fog. From time to time we saw islands, but mostly we navigated with our paper charts and GPS. At times there we could see several kilometers to the north, but only 50m to the south. We passed close to several markers that we did not see, and saw another only breifly even though we were quite close. Modern technology and good charts made the whole experience quite safe, if educational.

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