Poet’s Cove

In honour of being on the coast for a year, last weekend we sailed off to Poet’s Cove in Bedwell Harbour. We were hoping for sun, sailing, swimming and such. We were rewarded fairly well, even though the pool was closed all day Saturday.

We left late Friday morning, but had a nice quick sail to South Pender Island. We put the sails up early and made a pretty consistent 3 kts, but ran out of wind on our way into Bedwell Harbour. As soon as the sails were taken down, we got our wind back.

After some difficulty reaching the marina on the radio due to traffic, we pulled into our berth for the next few days. We headed for the pool, had a swim and a soak in the hot tub, then made for the pub for dinner and drinks.

The next day, since the pool was out of commission, we rented bicycles to check out the island. Unfortunately, I found both bicycles differently but equally uncomfortable, and we stayed out only for an hour of so. We did, however, get to see a rock beach (the whole beach was made of rock) and The Enchanted Forest (a small trail through a nice rainforest area).

Back at the marina, we had lunch and hung around watching the staff deal with the lack of a pool. Eventually we rented a pair of open top kayaks, and paddled up the coast of South Pender Island. We landed on a small island made entirely of seashells, investigated rocks and the boats at anchor. We got a bit rosy from the sun and I got over my fear of kayaks.

We went back to the pub for dinner, and afterwards while enjoying a pint or two on the patio, a somewhat inebriated fellow began chatting with us. He joined our table and regaled us with an endless series of ridiculous stories. His friend also joined us, and after some loud roughhousing, they were cut off and threatened with removal from the premises. This didn’t seem to slow them down, as they somehow continued to be served and we ended up leaving before they did. It was strange and hilarious.

Sunday morning we got a slow start, and after a light breakfast we cast off and headed home. Light winds had us motoring for some time, but we eventually found wind toward Morseby Island. We were making over 4 kts with a good amount of heel when a pair of porpoises decided that we were a lot of fun. They swam about a metre off our port side, doing loops under us and along our side for about 15 minutes. We had such a great time watching them that we veered off course – luckily we had enough speed that it didn’t matter.

We lost the wind around Moresby and again brought the sails down too early as we motored through decent winds toward home. It was a short long weekend, but all in all a very nice trip.

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