Low-key winds make for low-key times. (July 24, 2005)

Thanks to Steven and Darusha I had my first sailboat experience on Sunday! After de-taping the boat which proved rather sticky, we set out for a slow sail on an absolutely beautiful day. We strolled along and sometimes just sat but that was all well and good because it’s just fun to hang out on the water and it would have been too hot on land.

The winds not being high derided the idea of heading to James Island for some anchoring practice so we just sailed around here and there, or so it seemed to me! I got to “tack” a couple of times in between checking out the sights and the other boats around. I discovered the huge temperature change when you are suddenly in the shade of the sail and so was constantly changing the number of layers I had on at the amusement of all.

At the end of the trip we had a bit of excitement while we “parked” the boat. It was tough to turn into the “parking spot”. After a couple of tries, which included pushing off of other boats to avoid hitting them, the dynamic sailboat duo was successful in their teamwork of a very nice “landing”. That effort deserved a beer so we chilled in the marina for a bit. Then we set out for another first for me – a trip around Sidney (by land).

Thanks Guys!

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