Crofton (Another Persepective)

Two weeks ago, Wai Whare circumnavigated Saltspring Island on a voyage to Crofton where the crew attended a party. We had strong tail winds on Friday and set a new speed record of 6 1/2 knots under sail. Saturday we set off into new waters rounding, Sothey Point at the north end of Saltspring. We immediately got lost as we confused Crofton with the nearby town of Chemanus. After we sorted that out we arrived at the Crofton docks only to find them full. We eventually found a place to stay an hour away in Maple Bay and got a ride to the party. Sunday we completed the trip around Saltspring by travelling down Samsun Narrows.

We’re getting a little more comfortable with sailing in challenging conditions and a good time was had by one and all.

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