S. Pender and Galiano Islands

This past weekend we took a trip to Montague Harbour (Galiano Island) by way of Bedwell Harbour (South Pender). We set off Friday noonish, and mostly ran all the way to Pender. It was pretty nice and sunny and when we got to the marina we headed straight for their beautiful outdoor pool and hot tub. After a swim and a lounge, we went for supper at the very high end restaurant. I have to say, Poet’s Cove Marina and Resort is crazy-go-nuts nice. (And only $1.25/foot!). I think we’ll be back.

The marina at Montague Harbour couldn’t compare, but the Pub Bus to the Hummingbird Inn is an old favourite, and didn’t disappoint. The trip to Montague was also a good one, more wing-on-wing running, and some fun with logs in Navy Channel. Still, it was nothing but fun, and even the band at the Hummingbird (Thor and the Thundercats) was pretty good.

Coming home Sunday was more rough: cold, windy, drizzly and cold. After tacking back and forth for a couple of hours and getting more or less nowhere, we motored in past Canoe Cove. We encountered the choppiest seas we had been in to date this weekend, and some of the worst were in the sheltered area on the way back to Tsehum Harbour. But we made it home in one piece, and are still looking forward to going out again soon.

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  1. Steven Says:

    Although Darusha seems to remember the good times, the whole weekend was quite the experience in rough weather. At the calmest the waves this weekend were comparable to the biggest we’d seen before. And the gusting winds made Wai Whare heel erratically even when deeply reefed. No one expected that sailing would be all roses, but we definately gained some valuable experience this weekend.

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