We’ve been blessed recently with guests on Wai Whare. On April 30th, my colleague Yoshimoto Kimura (AKA Jerry Kim) came along for a short afternoon sail. The winds were good and we zipped back and forth from the town of Sidney by the Sea to Sidney Island.

On May 8th, old friends Kim Larsen and Lori McNulty, both imports from off Island in Vancouver, joined us on Wai Whare. The winds were light so we managed only a single circumnavigation of Little Group. We did, however, see porpoises within a boat length. We also experienced our first white water: As the tide flooded in between Little Group and Coal Island we were trapped travelling against the current in waves oddly similar to mountain rivers. We made slow progress for about half an hour before taking down the sails and motoring through.

All and all exciting times.

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